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Jackson Athlete 70LT Okunote


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Quick Specs:
70mm | 2.75″
4g | 1/7oz
Floating Bait Fish Imitation
Dead Stick | I-Motion | Walk the Dog
Center of Gravity Movement System
Tinsel Tail | #10 Treble Hooks

Throughout any season, regardless of the location, there is a big difference in fishing results when targeting fish preying on baitfish. The Athlete 70LT Okunote plays to this fact with several advantages over other baitfish imitation lures. The first advantage is casting distance; by adopting a center-of-gravity movement system that has not before existed in this type of surface layer lure, it is possible to give anyone an “overwhelming flight distance ” regardless of whether from a boat, the shore, or whether an advanced or novice angler. The Athlete 70LT Okunote’s variety of actions is another advantage. The Jackson Athlete 70LT Okunote is a finesse floating jerkbait designed to imitate a baitfish. This lure is perfect for dead sticking, finesse I-shaped movements, and a finesse twitching action that is erratic yet easily controlled. In addition, Athlete 70LT Okunote has exceptional pinpoint casting accuracy allowing the angler to make direct casts to a target quickly and never miss!


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