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Jackall Hamply


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Quick Specs:
65mm | 2.6″
2.2g | 1/14 oz
Floating Micro Swimbait | Wakebait Lip
Tight Action | Soft Tail
Single Treble | Split Ring for Direct Tying
QTY: 1 lure | 1 extra tail per pack

One of Japan’s most effective and unique bait finesse-sized lures in recent years, the Jackall Hamply is a hybrid hard body/soft tail minnow-shaped wakebait. Designed by renowned Japanese lure designer JK Kawashima, it is a nearly perfect baitfish imitator. This lure will stay on the surface at a slow retrieve, producing a subtle wake behind it while its soft tail gives it a slight roll and wiggle. When sped up, the wakebait lip pulls the lure below the surface, the action tightness up, resembling a jointed swimbait, and you start catching those followers who wouldn’t commit to topwater.

This lure is one of the lightest swimbaits on the market and is perfect for running over shallow grasses, shell beds, and flats. We recommend using a 3lb to 5lb monofilament line on this one and keeping a small Phillips screwdriver in your tackle bag as each Jackall Hamply includes an extra replacement tail.


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