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Handy Pak Ghost Series Insta-Net


Quick Specs:
Collapsible Trout Net
Fish-Safe Rubber Netting | Teak Wood Handle
Show Your Love of BFS Fishing | “Bait Finesse Empire” Engraved on Handle
Lifetime Warranty | Made in the USA
Netting Size
11½” Wide x 15″ Long x 9 inches deep
Net Collapsed
12″ Long x 6 ¼” Wide x 3 ¼” High
Total Weight
14.2 oz

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Handy Pak’s Insta-Nets offer both form and function in a standout package. Since 1955 Handy Pak has been expertly crafting Insta-Nets in the USA, and the Ghost Series is no exception. A beautifully hand-crafted teak handle accompanies the fish-safe clear rubber netting to offer a high-quality net that meets the demands of the most adventurous trout anglers. The Insta-Net stands out with its unique folding design that uses no hinges or joints, instead featuring a foldable stainless metal loop, to offer a net that is compact when stored and just the right size when opened. Simply pull the Insta-Net from its accompanying hand-tooled leather pouch and it instantly unfolds to its full and ready-to-use size. With a few quick twists, the Insta-Net folds back down and slides easily back into its pouch, keeping it out of the way when you’re actively fishing or hiking to your next spot. Additional features of the Insta-Net include a 2″ belt slot on the leather pouch, as well as “Bait Finesse Empire” engraved on the handle. Handy Pak Insta-Nets are built to last through decades of use and are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
Note: It may take a few tries initially to understand and execute the folding mechanism, but once you get it down, it’s quite simple and quick

1 review for Handy Pak Ghost Series Insta-Net

  1. Hobie-Wan Kenobi

    Definitely a must have for stream fishing!!! I have been using it since this spring and I can say it has been a real asset. The ability to carry your net on your waders, pants or even backpack waistbelt ensures it is always ready and more importantly, a lot harder to forget at home.

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