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Fish Arrow Wheel Head


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Quick Specs:
Custom Hook for 3-4″ Flash-J
Reins Tungsten Jig Head
Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Propeller
Qty: 3 pcs per pack

The Fish Arrow Wheel Head is a jighead that can turn any 3-4″soft plastic into a spybait! Designed to pair perfectly with the 3 and 4 inch Fish Arrow Flash-J swimbaits, the Wheel Head combines a finesse-sized jighead with an ultra-thin stainless steel prop to add a whole new level of fish-attracting power to your soft plastics. Rig your favorite soft bait onto the Wheel Head, cast and count it down to depth, then retrieve with a slow and steady tempo to create a combination of pressure, noise, and vibrations that will make even tight-lipped and finicky bass open up. The Wheel Head also features a triangular rubber bait keeper along the shaft to keep your plastic in place.


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