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Duo Spearhead Ryuki Spinner


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Quick Specs:
20mm | 0.8″
Built In Swivel | Cupped Blade
Minnow Shape Body | Glass Bead
#12 Barbed Treble | #1 Split Ring

Duo’s Spearhead Ryuki Spinner combines the renowned look and feel of the Spearhead Ryuki minnow with the tried and true classic in-line spinner.

The compact minnow-shaped body is built for long-distance performance and a baitfish-like presentation that does not intimidate fish. The in-line blade offers all the flash and action expected from a high-quality in-line spinner. At the same time, the body allows the Spearhead Ryuki Spinner to quickly get down in the water column, maintaining an appealing presentation directly in the strike zone through the entire retrieve. Featuring a built-in swivel to reduce line twist, #12 barbed treble, and a red marker bead to incite bites, this little lure is ready to tackle all conditions. Whether fishing scattered pools, farm ponds, slow babbling creeks, or fast current streams, the Spearhead Ryuki Spinner is an excellent choice to draw bites quickly and effectively from a wide variety of species.


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