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Duo Spearhead Ryuki Quattro 70S


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Quick Specs:
70mm | 2.75″
5.7g | 1/5oz
1-3ft Diving Range
Sinking Jointed Minnow | #10 Treble Hooks
Made in Japan

The Spearhead Ryuki Quattro 70S from Duo International revolutionizes the original Ryuki design into a new genre. The Spearhead Ryuki Quattro 70S pushes the boundaries of fluid movement in the water by taking the streamlined trout minnow body design and adding three joints. This four-piece jointed minnow can be worked in a straight retrieve, jerked, or stop-and-go motion to create an enticing flutter and a darting swimming action that appeals to a wide range of species. Weighing in at 5.7g (1/5oz) and 70mm (2.75″) in length, angler’s can work this sinking minnow in moving currents or still while reaching a diving depth range of 1-3ft.


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