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Jackall Mute Ball Minnow 38F

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Quick Specs:
38mm | 1.5″
2.7g | 1/10oz
Floating | Wakebait
Hybrid Body Design | Silent Landing
Hard Inner Core with Soft Body Exterior
#10 Single Treble Hook
Includes Spare Soft Body

The Mute Ball Minnow 38F from Jackall offers a lure that captures highly pressured light saltwater species by combining a soft landing with a sub-surface presentation. The Mute Ball Minnow is constructed from a hard plastic inner core encased by a soft plastic body. Designed to imitate a fleeing baitfish, the Mute Ball works most effectively with a stop-and-go retrieve, with strikes often occurring during the pause.

When the fish are feeding on small baitfish and fishing pressure is high, the Mute Ball Minnow is an excellent choice to present. Wary fish are usually spooked by the sound of lures landing on the water’s surface; the Mute Ball’s soft plastic hybrid body design offers a smooth and nearly silent landing. Even the unnatural sound of the hooks bumping against the body is suppressed. Another benefit of the Mute Ball’s hybrid body design is the two-layer coloring provided by the inner core and translucent soft plastic combination. When seen in direct sunlight, the color combinations effectively create a deeper 3D colorway.


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