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Deuthlon Cast Lube



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Quick Specs:
Ultra-Low Viscosity Bearing Oil
Designed for High Speed and Ceramic Reel Bearings
Use on Spool/Side Plate Bearings
18ml Bottle

Immediate effects upon appropriate application:

When Cast Lube is applied, bearings will provide a longer casting distance with reduced wear and tear, & produce less noise. As an emergency fix, Cast Lube also works great on rusted/seized bearings by dissolving rust ensuring you have a working reel on the go.

Cast Lube will really make a difference in creating real enjoyment in sports fishing while ensuring your fishing gears won’t result in high repair maintenance bills. That is why many anglers are coming back for more Deuthlon’s Cast Lube for their fishing reel maintenance needs.

Deuthlon’s CAST Lube is an ultra-light formula, with PTFE for friction, wear, and noise-reducing properties. Also contains DustShield™, to protect against dirt, rust, and corrosion. Able to also disperse moisture and dissolve rust. An all-in-one reel casting lubricant formulated for both ceramic and high-speed bearings made to withstand extreme conditions. The application will be on casting & spool bearings.

Challenges of a high-speed cast reel bearing lubricant:

  • Thicker oils provide better protection against corrosion and wear, but compromise on casting speed and distance.
  • Thinner oils improve reel bearing speed and reel casting ability, but compromise on protection against corrosion, wear and tear.
  • Oils in the market generally have a specific purpose, either for ultra-light OR heavy lures, there are no oils that can serve both purposes.
  • Oils in the market also focus on either saltwater OR freshwater game. There are no fishing reel oils that can serve both purposes.

DEUTHLON Cast Lube, however, strikes a balance between all 4 of those challenges for fishing reel maintenance. Specially formulated to protect, and also improve casting ability. It is formulated to take on both salt and fresh water challenges. It can also act as a rust solvent, great for emergency use on the go.

Advantages of Deuthlon’s Cast Lube:

  • Formulated for Ceramic and High-speed steel bearings (High speed / low torque Nm / Precision bearings)
  • Improves reel casting distance with an ultra-low coefficient of friction
  • Contains Dust-Shield™ feature – provides lubrication without attracting dust
  • Prevents corrosion and oxidation, with rust dissolving properties
  • Moisture dispersion qualities
  • Low friction with noise reduction properties, reduced wear, and premature bearing failure
  • Suitable for extreme reel fishing environmental conditions
  • Can be used as an emergency solution for seized bearings


  • Dust-Shield™ technology – minimizes dust/dirt attraction
  • PTFE inside
  • Disperses moisture
  • Dissolves rust
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Noise reduction
  • Super low friction
  • Withstand extremely harsh conditions
  • Designed for ceramic and high-speed bearings


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