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Decoy CS-2 Plus Sinker

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Quick Specs:
Quick attach hook weight
Fine Tune Sink Rate
Weighted EWG/Swimbait | Weighted Wacky
Qty: 15 pcs per pack


Decoy CS-2

The CS-2 Plus Sinker from Decoy was designed to allow anglers to create on-the-fly weighted wacky “flick shake” presentations. The CS-2 Plus Sinker can also be used with your favorite wide-gap worm hook to create a weighted presentation for worms and swimbaits, increasing the sink rate and getting your bait deeper. Available in a range of small weight increments to allow fine-tuning to perfection. Easy to use, the Decoy Plus Sinker is a versatile accessory that can be fitted on most hooks and then crimped down with pliers to keep it in place.

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