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Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad


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Quick Specs:
3D Eyes | Ripple/Ribbed Body
Paddle Tail
Original PowerBait Scent

LengthWeightQTY per Pack
3" - 8cm2.6g - 3/32oz10pcs
3.5" - 9cm5.3g - 3/16oz7pcs

The Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad is a sleek profile swimbait with life-like detailing, including 3D eyes and attractive colorways. The ripple extending along the body all the way to the bait’s tail set the Ripple Shad apart from other soft swimbaits on the market, creating additional water displacement and vibrations to draw the attention of predatory fish. The paddle tail design imparts the classic swimming action of a swimbait at any retrieve speed. Infused with Berkley’s original PowerBait scent, the Ripple Shad draws in fish and keeps them holding on up to 18 times longer than unscented bait. Extremely versatile, the Ripple Shad can be rigged on a jighead, as a dropshot bait, or as a trailer to your favorite swimjig or vibrating blade bait.


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