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Bait Finesse Empire Free Rig Weights – Straight


Quick Specs:
Free Rig Weights
Lead Weight | Swiveling Eyelet
Powder Coated | Extra Durable
Hand Poured | Made in the USA
Qty: 10 pcs per pack

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The free rig is one of the hottest new techniques from Japan.
To set up a free rig you slide one of these weights onto your line, tie on a standard or EWG worm hook, and rig it up with floating soft plastic. When cast out the weight will quickly drop to the bottom, but the lure itself slowly trails as the weight is free on the line and not clipped in place allowing you to not only cover the water column more thoroughly on the initial drop but to bring your bait repeatedly back up into the strike zone just by lifting your rod and then letting the weight fall again on the slackline. Try these weights out with the Nikko Zaza Leech, and hang on tight because it’s gonna get hit!

These weights are locally made in Phoenix, AZ for Bait Finesse Empire by AZ Lead Works. All the weights we offer under our in-house brand are powder coated for extra durability and a crisper sound that drives the fish wild when worked over hard surfaces.


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