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Varivas Canvas Tournament Hooks

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Quick Specs:
Barbless Hooks | Horizontal Eyelet
Technique-Specific Tuning per Hook Spec
Made in Japan
Qty/pack: 15 pcs

Varivas Canvas Tournament Hooks are high-quality replacement hooks purpose-built for various finesse fishing conditions. These hooks are built around Varivas’ new concept of optimizing the hook shape and wire size based on the fishing conditions and lures. Each hook number is uniquely shaped to match the intended lure size, retrieve speed, lure action, and maximize your hook-up ratio. Featuring Varivas’ “Zero FriXion Coat” for easy hooksets and hook removal, they ensure a reliable catch rate with an easy and safe fish release. Varivas Canvas Barbless Tournament Hooks are barbless and feature a horizontal eyelet. If using these hooks on hard baits (minnows, crankbaits, jerkbaits, etc.), a second split ring may be required to orientate the hook correctly.


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