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Tiemco Lightning Wobbler

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Quick Specs:
Tapered Blade Design
Sliding Action | Holds Depth
*Split ring attached – Hook Not Included

WeightLengthSplit Ring
2g (1/14oz)37mm (1.45")#2
3.5g (1/8oz)39mm (1.53")#2

Standing apart from the crowd with its unique “Taper Blade Design”, the Tiemco Lightning Wobbler is a premium-grade casting spoon that provides outstanding performance and eye-catching beauty. Manufactured with a gradual taper with the thickness of the spoon increasing from head to tail, Lightning Wobbler has a rear-balanced center of gravity that gives it versatile action and excellent castability. The unique taper combined with the cupped spoon shape design creates a brilliant sliding action during even the slowest retrieve speeds, when most other spoons are lifeless. The ability to work the spoon slowly and hold it at a consistent depth allows anglers to more effectively target lethargic and pressured fish. Lightning Wobbler also works with a fast and steady retrieve which gives is a sharp wobbling action. Premium quality finishes provide the perfect amount of flash and color to attract bites, while the variety of colorways ensure a perfect match no matter the conditions.

*Note: Lightning Wobbler does not come equipped with a hook. Please choose your own hook size and style based on conditions, target species, and personal preferences. A premium quality split ring is included with Lightning Wobbler.



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