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Roro Ceramic Hybrid Bait Finesse Bearings



Quick Specs:
SIC/Ceramic BFS Spool Bearings
Sold Individually | Mix/Match for Your Reel

Check Sizing Here: Bearing Sizing for Common BFS Reels

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The simplest and most bang for your buck upgrade to any bait finesse reel is to swap your stock spool and side plate bearings out for these high-quality Roro Bait Finesse Bearings.

Of the two upgraded bearings offered by Roro (stainless steel and ceramic), Roro’s ceramic bearings offer the quickest startup times and least amount of rotational resistance. These bearings utilize micro silicon carbide ceramic balls in a stainless steel brace for flawless performance and longevity. They are open-faced on one side allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Please note that ceramic bearings are intended for use by anglers that are comfortably proficient with their thumb control of the spool. Stainless steel bearings will offer a slightly more controlled cast with a slight decrease in maximum distance.

Roro bearings are shipped dry. When installing, stainless steel bait finesse bearings should be oiled with an ultra-low viscosity reel oil. Roro ceramic bearings can be run dry or very lightly oiled.

Roro bearings are sold individually. Please choose the appropriately sized bearings for your reel.

Check sizing here: Bearing Sizing for Common BFS Reels


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