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Jackson Trout Tune 55

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Quick Specs:
Bait Fish Profile
Tight Wobble | Nose Down Fall
#12 Owner Treble Hook
Made in Japan

ModelLengthWeightEyeball Color
Floating55mm - 2.2"3g - 1/10ozBlack
Sinking55mm - 2.2"3.5g - 1/8ozYellow
Heavy Weight
(Super Sinking)
55mm - 2.2"6g - 1/5ozRed

Jackson Trout Tune 55 has proven its performance over the years. It is considered by many to be one of the best JDM lures for trout and other predatory species. Castability, the ability to cut through flowing water, and a sharp darting action are all elements required to create a well-balanced minnow lure. The Trout tune 55 possesses all of these features.

The elongated body is as classic as a minnow lures get. At 55mm, it is the perfect length to imitate a baitfish for which most predators hunt. At the center of the Trout Tune 55 minnow, there are two internal weights. These weights give the Trout Tune a natural sinking posture by making the front side heavier, forcing resistance around the front lip, and enhancing the action. The sinking version of this minnow will allow you to get it to the depth levels you desire. This is useful on the days when the trout are passive, and you have to check every inch of the waterway you are fishing. Also, bites will often come as the Trout Tune falls to depth; thus, the Jackson Trout Tune is well equipped to produce bites any time trout are nearby.

As with all lures from Jackson, the Trout Tune 55 is high quality, expertly tuned, and ready to fish right out of the box.


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