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Jackson Chinu Koroli


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Quick Specs:
31mm | 1.22″
5g | 1/6oz
Sinking Plug/Jig | Silicone Skirt
#6 Single Barbed Hook with Hook Sleeve

In designing the Chinu Koroli, Jackson created a new class of crustacean hard baits for light saltwater anglers. Constructed from hard plastic and weighted at the tail-end with a tungsten weight, the Chinu Koroli is designed to be worked like a jig. Drag, hop, sweep, or slow roll the Chinu Koroli to entice bites from various predatory species, including freshwater bass. With its upright posture on the bottom and its single #6 barbed hook with a hook sleeve to keep the hook upright and snag-free, the Chinu Koroli can slide through roots, rocks, and more without worry. The addition of silicone skirting that flows with the lightest of movements gives the Chinu Koroli an extra lifelike appeal. Pair the Chinu Koroli with small craw trailers for that extra added allure.


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