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Jackson Age Sage Magic


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Quick Specs:
25mm | 1″
2g (1/14oz) | 3g (1/10oz)
Resin Body | Tungsten Weighted
Two Eyelets | Swimming or Lift & Drop Action
Two #10 Single Barbless Hooks
Made in Japan

Age Sage is a resin-based VIB that creates a different sonic frequency than the traditional metal vibration lure.
Available in two weights, a 2g and a 3g model, anglers can fish various water depths effectively. Two connection points allow different actions. Snap onto the rear eyelet for maximum vibration, while the front eyelet offers a more controlled movement for a more lifelike appeal. A great feature of the resin body is the ability to have translucent colors, which allows for various colorways, ranging from soft and subtle to bright and bold.


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