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Jackall Jeublu


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Quick Specs:
52mm | 2″
6.4g | 7/32oz
Sinking Vibration Bait
Hybrid Design | Metal Head/Soft Body
Includes Spare Soft Body

The Jackall Jeublu is a hybrid lipless crankbait that features a weighted metal head with an elastomer soft plastic body that perfectly imitates the silhouette of bluegill. This unique combination of materials creates a more lifelike vibration in the water, fooling even the timidest bass into biting. Jeublu can be worked with a straight retrieve, imitating fleeing sunfish and drawing the attention of active bass, or it can be worked off the bottom with a lift and drop technique to imitate feeding baitfish or crustaceans scrambling for cover. Jeublu comes equipped with a single front-mounted Owner treble hook but also includes additional eyelets at the back for anglers to add an additional hook. The elastomer material used for the soft body is extremely durable, and a spare soft body is included in the packaging.


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