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Duo Spearhead Ryuki 45S Awabi – Limited Edition


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Quick Specs:
45mm | 1.77″
4g | 1/7oz
0.4-0.6M | 1-2ft Running Depth
Sinking Minnow | #12 Treble Hooks
Awabi – Abalone Inner Plate for Natural Flash
Made in Japan

The Spearhead Ryuki by Duo International is globally renowned for being one of the absolute best sinking minnow baits for trout fishing in currents. These Limited Edition Awabi variants feature the same tight wobbling action designed for stream and creek fishing, with an added inner layer of all-natural Abalone plating for an enhanced flash and a life-like appearance proven to increase its fish catching ability.

Weighing in at 4g in a compact 45mm body, the Spearhead Ryuki 45s is a heavyweight in its class size. This improves casting distance and a faster sink rate than comparably sized minnow lures.
It features a flattened body leading to fast initiation and the ability to cut through moving water very well.
Work this lure in a stop and go retrieve, pausing over eddies to let your prey take a swipe or twitch it quickly like a jerkbait.
These lures are made in Japan, come equipped with two size #12 treble hooks, and are highly durable.
We recommend swapping to a size #8-#6 if you prefer to run single hooks.


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