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Tsurinoya TE71 Trilobite 2.8″


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Quick Specs:
71mm | 2.8″
7.1g | 1/4oz
Fine Deep Ribs | Pin Tail
Embedded with Salt, Acid, and Shrimp Scent
Qty: 6 pcs per pack

With its deep fine ribs, the Tsurinoya TE71 Trilobite displaces more water than the typical soft plastic worm while offering an action that triggers the natural feeding instincts of predatory fish. The Trilobite will have bass honing in and holding on tight, embedded with salts, amino acids, and natural shrimp scent. Excellent scent distribution due to the increased surface area of the flat and wide body. Rig the Trilobite on a free rig, dropshot, texas rig, or as a jig trailer to create a compact power finesse package that offers a unique and irresistible action.


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