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Tsurinoya SL-2006 Tenta Craw


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Quick Specs:
88mm | 3.5″
2.2g | 1/12 oz
Shrimp Scent | Erratic Action
Ribbed Body | Tentacle Claws
Qty: 12 pcs per pack

The SL-2006 Tenta Craw from Tsurinoya is a unique soft bait designed to imitate crayfish, shrimp, and other small crustaceans that predatory fish love to feed on. The Tenta Craw creates a truly irregular and erratic action as a micro Texas rig or a finesse jig trailer with its slim profile, ring ribbed body, compact claws, and long tentacles. Made with a shrimp powder mixed directly into the plastic during production, the strong scent of the Tenta Craw does not wash away, helping to draw in fish even after repeated uses and catches. Try the Tsurinoya Sl-2006 Tenta Craw out for freshwater bass or various saltwater species.


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