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Tsurinoya RM-2002 Twin Tail Worm


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Quick Specs:
110mm | 4.3″
2.4g | 1/12oz
Straight Worm with Split Tail
Hooking Point Marker
Embued with Salt and Natural Shrimp Scent
Qty: 8 pcs per pack

The RM-2002 Twin Tail Worm from Tsurinoya is a unique take on the classic finesse worm. Rig the Twin Tail worm with a mosquito or wacky hook through the indicated hooking point to create a presentation that pivots on a fulcrum and produces a standout trembling action that mimics multiple entangled worms, an irresistible meal for even tight-lipped bass. The Twin Tail Worm can be rigged in countless other ways, including on a dropshot or Texas rig. Scented with a natural shrimp powder embedded in the plastic, the Twin Tail Worm attracts and keeps predatory fish honed in. Embedded with salt to create the perfect fall rate.


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