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Tsurinoya RM-2001 Stick Bait Worm


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Quick Specs:
6.6g | 1/4oz
10.5cm | 4.1″
Tapered Tail Stick Bait
Texas Rig | Wacky Rig
Carolina Rig | Ned Rig
Embedded with Salt and Shrimp Scent
Qty: 8 pcs per pack

The Tsurinoya RM-2001 Stick Bait Worm offers a wide range of uses and a subtle natural action. These worms are embedded with heavy salts and a natural shrimp powder to create a stunning action and scent that drives the bass wild. The Tsuronya RM-2001 Stick Bait is made from durable soft plastic and will last catch after catch. The Tsurinoya RM-2001 falls horizontally when rigged weightless, with a subtle side-to-side wiggle and a fluttering tail action. The key to the success of the stick bait is its versatility in different fishing conditions. Try these soft baits on a Texas rig, Carolina rig, Ned Rig, or wacky rigged to fine-tune your approach and hone in on the bite.


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