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Tsurinoya R-54 Promenade Ajing Grub


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Quick Specs:
36mm | 1.42″
0.4g | 1/64oz
Ribbed Body | Leaf Tail
UV & Glow Colorways
Scented with Real Shrimp Powder
Qty: 10 pcs per pack

The R-54 Promenade Ajing Grub from Tsurinoya is an excellent soft bait for targeting light game saltwater species and panfish, trout, and more.
Constructed from durable soft plastic, the R-54 Promenade is embedded with a natural shrimp powder to create an alluring and strong scent that predatory fish love. Featuring a ribbed body with a leaf-shaped tail, this grub offers outstanding action in the water with a strong quivering motion with every slight movement of the rod tip. Available in luminous (glow in the dark) and UV colorways to suit night and daylight conditions. Pair the R-54 Promenade Ajing Grub with your favorite Aji jigheads and swim or hop this incredible soft bait to create an irresistible fish snack.


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