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Tsurinoya PR-68 Pioneer Shrimp


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Quick Specs:
68mm | 2.7″
2.4g | 1/12oz
Compact and Stout Body
Outstanding Castability
Multiple Claws | Appealing Action
Jig Head | Texas Rig | Dropshot | Jig Trailer
Qty: 20 pcs per pack

Tsurinoya’s Pioneer Shrimp offers a lot of action packed into a compact yet stout crustacean body design. Featuring multiple claws that create different actions, the Pioneer Shrimp offers complex micro-vibrations that entice the curiosity of predatory fish. The front claws feature a thin base and thick tips, which create a subtle fluttering action with even gentle movements, while the side claws feature a crescent shape with the bulk at the base and center for a tight vibrating action. The weight forward design (towards the head and tentacles) of the Pioneer Shrimp allows for outstanding acting ability and also helps to prevent the bait from rolling during the retrieve. The Pioneer Shrimp can be effectively rigged weightless, on jig heads, on a dropshot, Texas rigged, as a skirted jig trailer, as well as numerous other ways, making this bait highly versatile. The available colorways allow for an enticing presentation in a variety of water conditions ranging from clear to murky and shallow to deep.


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