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Tsurinoya DW68 Ranger 70F Jerkbait


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Quick Specs:

70mm | 2.75″

5.2g | 3/16oz

Slow Floating | Wide Wobble

Weight Transfer System

#10 Treble Hooks

Diving Depth: 1m-1.5m (3ft-5ft)

The Tsurinoya DW68 Ranger 70F Jerkbait combines a wide wobbling movement with an irregular fleeing baitfish action to produce large bites when conditions are challenging. The Ranger 70F offers excellent casting distance and accuracy with its internal weight transfer system, making this jerk bait ideal when covering ground or targeting pinpoint ambush spots. With its 23mm bill, it dives to its 3-5ft depth quickly, offering more time in the strike zone. Slow floating, the Ranger 70F is great for methodically working around cover and other predatory hang-outs. The paint schemes are complimented with a luminous UV powder, providing extra flash in the sunlight for added drawing power. Work the Ranger 70F with a quick twitching motion to drive bass, walleye, and trout absolutely wild, or straight retrieve the Ranger 70F to cover ground and draw in bites.


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