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Tsurinoya DW28 Mini Lipless Crankbait


Quick Specs:
40mm | 1.6″
3.8g | 1/7oz
Weighted | Silent
Streamlined Profile

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Featuring a sleek and streamlined profile the DW28 Mini Lipless Crankbait from Tsurinoya is an excellent choice when searching for a bite from wary or cold fish. Sized and shaped to perfectly imitate small minnows and other baitfish, these lures are great for covering distance and depth and excel at coming through light structure. Featuring an internal weight system that consists of a lead-lined head and a centered ball bearing, the DW55 Mini Lipless Crankbait has a tight kicking action, falls horizontally on a slackline, and holds a steady nose down profile when retrieved at a quick pace. Try these lures out for bass, trout, panfish, and more when the bite gets tough and you need to cover water to find the bite.


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