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Tsurinoya DW122 Sentry 40S


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Quick Specs:
40mm | 1.57″
3.7g | 1/8oz
Sinking Minnow | Tail Prop for Added Action
Integrated Lip | 360° Belly Hook
#12 Black Nickel Treble Hooks | Saltwater Safe

The DW122 Sentry minnow lure from Tsurinoya offers strong appeal by providing a one-two punch of twitch bait and prop bait actions. The small minnow body, with its integrated offset lip, provides a wide wobbling action that is easy for fish to hone in on and well suited for fishing at night and in dark conditions. The addition of a propeller at the tail allows the Sentry to generate extra vibrations and waves through the waterway, further enhancing its drawing power and allowing predators to hone in from a distance. Sing various species of rockfish and bream and freshwater favorites such as black bass, trout, and peacock bass. The belly hook is connected via a 360° swiveling connection point to reduce thrown hooks, helping keep the small yet strong #12 black nickel treble hooks pinned in even the feistiest fish.


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