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Tsurinoya DW121 Catcher 40F Popper


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Quick Specs:
NEW Model

40mm | 1.6″
3.3g | 1/8oz
Topwater Popper | Saltwater Safe
Walk-the-Dog Action
Two #12 Treble Hooks

The DW121 Catcher 40F is an all-new topwater popper lure from Tsurinoya built to replace the outgoing DW55 model. This new model comes in at the same length of 40mm (1.6″) but is 10% heavier. The Catcher 40F features an internal fixed weight that allows for casting longer distances more accurately. Catcher 40F features a shallow cupped mouth giving this model an excellent walk-the-dog action. Catcher 40F can be effectively worked with quick twitches that turn it side-to-side while maintaining a small field of travel, making it perfect for calling bass, sea bream, and more to the surface. Equipped with extra sharp #12 black nickel treble hooks, Catcher 40F is an excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater light game topwater angling.


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