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Tsurinoya DW106 Intruder 50S


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Quick Specs:
NEW Minnow Model
50mm | 2″
5g | 1/6oz
Sinking Minnow | Tight Kicking Action
#12 Treble Hooks

The DW106 Intruder 50S from Tsurinoya is an excellent mid-weight minnow lure for trout, bass, and even saltwater fishing anywhere current-loving fish tend to dwell. These lures offer an erratic wobble when worked like a jerkbait and a tight kicking action when steadily retrieved against the current. Coming in at 5g in weight, casting distance is enhanced over similarly sized minnow lures and is aided by an active internal weight transfer system that also adds a unique rattle sound to help draw attention. The DW106 Intruder 50S is an excellent option for covering distance and letting the lure flutter over pools and other deep spots in the water to entice a bite from whatever predator lurks below. These lures feature a thick and durable bill and come equipped with black nickel size #12 treble hooks that stay sharp and do not corrode.


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