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Reins G Tail Twin 2″


Quick Specs:
50.8mm | 2″
1.3g | 1/20oz
Flattened Body | Strong Action
Heavily Salted | Shrimp Scent
Qty: 10 pcs per pack


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The Reins G Tail Twin is designed to be fished on its own or paired to your favorite finesse jig. Featuring a flatter body and thinner appendages than a typical creature-style bait, the G Tail Twin offers a smoother glide on the fall and a strong fluttering action from its appendages. Loaded with salt and packed with a strong shrimp scent the G Tail Twin draws aggressive bites and the fish hold on for longer, helping to improve your catch ratio. Coming in at just 2″ in length, the Reins G Tail Twin is a must-try on mico texas rigs, free rigs, jigheads, or paired with your favorite skirted jigs.


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