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Rapala Original Floating F3 Balsa Minnow


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Quick Specs:
38mm | 1.5″
1.8g | 1/16 oz
Floating Balsa Minnow | #12 VMC Treble Hooks
2-4 ft Swimming Depth

The Rapala Original Floating series is one of the longest-running series of lures, and for a good reason.
These balsa wood minnow lures float and can be twitched on the surface or retrieved as a shallow running crankbait. Work this lure with a stop-and-go motion, whether on top or subsurface, and it imitates an irresistible wounded minnow. All Rapala Original Floating lures are hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure a straight running bait right out of the box.


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