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Raid Japan Egu-Dama Type-Level Jig


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Quick Specs:
Finesse Cover Jig | 5-Strand Nylon Weed Guard
95° Oval Eyelet | Perfect Horizontal Posture
Rubber Skirt | Barbed Collar to Hold Your Trailer Tight
Pair with the Raid Japan Egu Bug

This finesse jig from Raid Japan is perfectly set up for vertical jigging into structure and along drop-offs.

The Egu-Dama Type-Level Jig features a unique head shape designed to maintain a perfect horizontal posture on the fall when paired with the Raid Japan Egu-Bug. This finesse jig is ideal for working vertically into pockets of cover. The balanced head shape and trailer allow for a slow suspending fall that entices bites from the wariest of bass. Equipped with a nylon weedguard and utilizing Raid Japan’s bullet concept, this jig also easily slips past rock and structure, leading to fewer snags.

The Egu-Dama series from Raid Japan is equipped with two skirts that add to the allure and finesse of these jigs. Fitted with a classic skirt that trails the head and adds some bulk and life to your trailer, the added secret sauce of the Egu-Dama is the uniquely tapered secondary skirt that acts as a collar. This collar adds extra visual flair to your presentation, gives the jig an aggressive posture, and acts as a buffer between the jig head and surfaces it comes in contact with. The tapered collar helps the jig slip much more easily through cover and muffle the sounds of the jig on hard surfaces, adding to the overall finesse of your presentation.

These Egu-Dama jigs pair perfectly with Raid Japan’s Egu Bug creature bait/trailer.


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