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Raid Japan Egu Bug


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Quick Specs:
70mm | 2.75″
1.9g | 1/16oz
Creature Bait | Jig Trailer
Pairs with Raid Japan Egu-Dama Jig
Qty: 8 pcs per pack

The Egu Bug from Raid Japan was made to be the perfect soft plastic pairing to their Egu-Dama series of jigs. These small finesse creature baits fit perfectly on the Egu-Dama jig and complement its action in every way. The Egu Bug is lightweight yet ribbed to help displace more water than most plastics its size. The small arms kick wildly when in motion, and the tentacles dance with the subtlest rod movements. In addition to being the perfect trailer, these baits work equally well when rigged solo. Try using an Egu Bug as a dropshot bait to draw those subtle bites, or toss one on a free rig with a small worm hook to get this little bug floating down the water column.


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