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Nikko Zaza Hellgrammite


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Quick Specs:
76mm | 3″
3g | 1/10oz
Floating | Scented
Extremely Durable Soft Plastic
Made in Japan
Qty: 4 pcs per pack

The Zaza Hellgrammite is the bait that put Nikko on the map in the USA. Designed specifically to mimic real hellgrammites found throughout North America in size and shape, the Zaza Hellgrammite is loved by black bass, crappie, and more. Just like the real thing, fish can’t pass these baits up. Unlike the real thing, though, this bait will last through hundreds of catches; you’re more likely to lose it in a snag than to have it tear. Nikko’s Hellgrammite is a great bait to throw on a small jig head in streams, ponds, and river banks.

Floating. Scented. Super stretchy and long-lasting. You’ll go through a lot of fish before the bait gives out.

Like all Nikko baits, the Zaza Hellgrammite is completely free of plastisol, environmental hormones, and toxins.


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