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Mule Fishing Mule Minnow


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Quick Specs:
High Buoyancy Material
Stretchy and Durable
Narrow Profile | Lifelike Fall
Ned Rig | Dropshot | Splitshot

LengthWeightQty per Pack
1.2" (30mm)0.2g12
2.2" (56mm)0.5g10

The Mule Minnow is a versatile floating minnow profiled bait that is effective for many species of gamefish. The 3.2″ model is effective for finesse bass applications while being small enough for crappie and trout. The 2.2″ size is the all-arounder. The Mule Minnow 1.2″ is a micro-offering for ultra-light anglers looking to mimic small baitfish. While this tiny bait was designed to catch numerous species of fish, it is especially a productive plastic for panfish anglers. The narrow body of the Mule Minnow allows it to dart through the water naturally and creates a lifelike action on the fall. Formulated from a stretchy and durable material, the Mule Minnow can be fished all day long without having to re-rig. Mule Fishing’s buoyant soft plastic formula allows the Mule Minnow to float and stand up when rigged on a Mule Jig. It also excels as a dropshot, Carolina rig, or splitshot bait.


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