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Mukai Max Spinner


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Quick Specs:
48mm | 1.9″
4g | 1/7oz
Offset Keel Weight | No Line Twist
Japanese Design | Single Barbless Hook

Featuring a unique keel weight placement that eliminates the need for a swivel, the Max Spinner from Mukai might just be the perfect inline spinner design. The low and forward placement of the keel weight allows the Max Spinner to run true at any speed, stopping line twist and keeping your lure in the strike zone. Coming in at 4 grams and featuring a single barbless hook, the Mukai Max Spinner is easy to cast long distances on bait finesse tackle and is ideal for trout and panfish fishing in ponds and lakes. Let the lure sink to depth and bring it back in with a straight retrieve. The colorful spinner blade creates an alluring and flashy action that fish just can’t resist. Some quick twitches and pauses during the retrieve can help create the extra action needed to turn followers into catches. If you’re a fan of inline spinners, the Mukai Max Spinner is a lure you won’t want to leave at home.


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