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Jackson YAGooooN


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Quick Specs:
44mm | 1.75″
1.7g | 1/16oz
Small Aquatic Insect Imitation
Sinking Soft Bait | Silicone Skirt Limbs
Jig Heads, Dropshot, Weightless
Qty: 5 pcs per pack

The Jackson YAGooooN is a sinking insect soft bait meant to imitate a large variety of aquatic larvae. This small bait can be rigged in numerous ways, including on a jig head, dropshot, or free rig, though the design lends itself well to a weightless presentation. Cast YAGooooN to your intended target and subtly shake the rod tip to impart a subtle quivering action as YAGooooN slowly sinks through the water column. Considered a “secret tuning” by Japanese tournament anglers, YAGooooN is an excellent option to turn to when the fish are overly cautious. Designed for high-pressure bass fishing, YAGooooN is also effective when targeting crappie, trout, and sunfish.



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