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Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 45S


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Quick Specs:
45mm | 1.77″
3.7g | 1/8oz
Sinking | Square Bill
Flat Side | Tall Profile
#12 Treble Hooks

The Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 45S is a feature-packed trout lure for the serious mountain stream finesse angler.

From Timon, Jackall’s JDM Trout sub-brand, the Tricoroll Mai 45S is a square bill minnow designed to tackle technical mountain streams. The Tricoroll Mai 45S offers a quick response and fast kicking action designed to trigger reaction strikes by featuring a flat-sided and tall body profile. Factory equipped with sharp JDM treble hooks attached via a rolling eye swivel that allows a greater range of movement after a hookup, reducing thrown hooks and lost fish. With a side-to-side wobble on the fall, the Tricoroll Mai is a lure that offers action from the moment it lands in the water.


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