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Jackall Spin Gavacho Frog

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Quick Specs:
46mm (1.8″) | 6.2g (7/32oz)
Downsized Popping Frog
Silicone Skirt | Fluorine Coated Double Hook

The Spin Gavacho Frog from Jackall’s JDM lineup is a unique popping frog designed to be fished with power finesse spinning and bait finesse tackle. Spin Gavacho is a downsized version of the famous full-size Gavacho Frog.

Spin Gavacho offers a high level of appeal and versatility. By working the Spin Gavaocho in different ways across the water’s surface, anglers can imitate fleeing baitfish, a struggling insect, or a bite-sized frog, all of which invoke strong feeding instincts. With its unique cupped mouth, Spin Gavacho creates a fine spray of water with each pop and also allows for sharp turns in the water, reducing travel distance and enabling anglers to thoroughly work an area in search of a bite. With its compact size, Spin Gavacho also can be subtly worked to appeal to feeding bass, who tend to be more cautious on the take.

While Spin Gavacho is compact and under 1/4oz in weight, the stock double hook is stout and thick. A power finesse setup of a medium-light or higher power rod and a 15lb or stronger braided line is recommended.


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