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Jackall Revoltage RV-Bug 1.5″ 8pk

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Quick Specs:
1.5″ | 1.8g
Sinking | High Specific Gravity
No Sinker Rig | Dropshot | Micro Carolina Rig
Made in Japan
Qty/pack: 8 pcs

The Jackall Revoltage RV-Bug 1.5″ is a small soft bait that imitates an insect or aquatic crustacean. Unlike conventional insect lures that float on the water’s surface, RV-Bug is made from a high specific gravity soft plastic that slowly sinks in the water. When rigged weightless, the RV-Bug horizontally glides through the water as it falls, giving it a more realistic appearance that appeals to cautious and pressured bass. RV-Bug has five pairs of legs that produce micro-vibrations in the water, attracting fish. The number and size of the legs can be adjusted by cutting them, allowing for customization of the lure’s volume and surface area. Additionally, RV-Bug has two shad tail appendages that create a thumping action when pulled through the water. RV-Bug can be rigged in different ways, including as a weightless presentation, dropshot, micro Carolina rig, or split shot rig, making it a highly versatile and effective lure.


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