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Jackall Chubby Popper 42

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Quick Specs:
42mm (1.65″) | 3.3g (1/8oz)
Floating Finesse Popper
Splash & Dive or Walk the Dog Action
#12 C’ultiva ST26TN Feathered Treble Hook

A micro-sized topwater popper, the Jackall Chubby Popper 42 is a proven fish catcher in the JDM tournament scene and a go-to bait for Jackall Japan Pro Angler Kyoya Fujita. At a compact 42mm (1.65″), Chubby Popper perfectly matches the size of baitfish that love to gather near the water’s surface to feed. Use Chubby Popper 42 with a Pop, Dive, Pause cadence for an effective action that imitates feeding and active baitfish. During the pause, the feathered rear treble hook will gently sway and pulse in the water, creating a lifelike appeal that triggers reactive feeding bites from bass. Chubby Popper 42 can also be worked with light twitches to employ a tight walk-the-dog action with minimal forward movement, letting the lure effectively work the sweet spot and call the fish in from a distance. Available in several colorways produced by Kyoyo Fujita, with sight markers on top, you can keep track of the lure in low-light and high-action situations.


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