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Indigo Kanna 48S


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Quick Specs:
48mm | 1.9″
4g | 1/7 oz
Sinking Minnow | Square Bill
Hand Painted | #12 Treble Hooks
Made in Japan

The Indigo Kanna 48S is one of the newest and hottest trout minnows to hit the JDM market. These made-in-Japan minnow lures are incredibly well crafted, and each one is individually hand-painted. They create a lot of top-down flash on a straight retrieve, featuring a flat-sided body with a pronounced arching back. They can be worked with or against currents, and twitches of the rod tip impart a stellar walk-the-dog action into this little minnow. The square bill of the Kanna 48S is perfect for fishing around logs, rocks, and other structures and allows you to bang this lure around in the water inciting violent reaction strikes. The stock treble hooks feature a micro barb; we recommend swapping to single barbless hooks for catch and release fishing.


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