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Imakatsu IK Spin Jerk Suspending Finesse Jerkbait

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Quick Specs:
65mm (2.55″)
4.2g (1/7oz)
Suspending Jerkbait
Silent | Tight Rolling Action
2-3ft Diving Depth
-Tackle: L to ML Power Rod, 5-7lb Line
Made in Japan

A proven tournament-winning presentation, the Imakatsu IK Spin Jerk is a finesse jerkbait that packs a punch to draw in big bass.

Weighing in at 4.2g (1/7oz) IK Spin Jerk casts like a bullet on bait finesse gear, letting anglers target easily spooked fish from afar. Equipped with a sturdy short bill, IK Spin Jerk has a shallow diving depth, allowing the bass to hone in and strike without losing track of the lure due to sudden changes in depth. Worked like a standard jerkbait, IK Spink Jerk offers a sharp darting action, with a perfect suspend on the pause. Worked with a straight retrieve, IK Spin Jerk offers a tight rolling action that drives bass wild.


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