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Imakatsu I-Arrow 65f
Imakatsu I-Arrow 65f
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Imakatsu I-Arrow 65f


Quick Specs:
65mm | 2.6″
4.2g | 5/32oz
Slow Rising Jerkbait | Dazzler Tail
Single Treble | Swivel Mounted Hook

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The Imakatsu I-Arrow 65f is an attractive finesse hard lure and one of the hottest finesse jerkbaits from the JDM market. Shaped similar to a standard jerkbait, it has additional fins on the bottom and lacks a lip, both of which help to keep the trajectory straight when it’s in motion. While still flashy and erratic, it’s less exaggerated than a traditional jerkbait. It can be fished with quick wrist snaps, on a stop and go retrieve, or drifted in moving water. When snapped, the floating version quickly dives below the surface and then slowly rises nose up, imitating a surface-feeding baitfish.

While there are a lot of small jerkbaits on the market, we think this one is truly a “finesse” jerkbait.

The Imakatsu I-Arrow65 has a single treble centered to the lure and connected by a swivel for an increased hookup and decreased shakes offs. Equipped with the “Dazzler” tinsel tail to help draw bites from finicky fish by adding a little extra flash to your presentation. Pair this floating hard bait to a 4-6lb monofilament line using a loop knot or small snap and hang on tight.


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