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Imakatsu iArrow 50

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Quick Specs:
53mm (2.1″) | 2.4g (3/32oz)
Floating | I-Motion Technique
Subsurface Diving Action
Rolling Swivel Mounted Belly Treble
Dazzler Tinsel Tail
Made in Japan

Imakatsu iArrow 50 is a new downsized variant of the popular iArrow 65, designed for targeting clever bass that are very selective when feeding on small baits. Drawing on the “I-Motion” technique, iArrow 50 maintains a beautiful straight-line action at all speeds, from fast to slow. With its internal center of gravity movement system, iArrow 50 dives head first and then rises head up on the pause when twitched, an alluring action that entices bass to strike. The sliding center of gravity system also increases casting distance and accuracy, allowing anglers to more efficiently cover water when searching for a bite. The single belly-mounted treble hook is connected via a rolling swivel, increasing hookup rates and making it difficult for fish to throw the hooks with even the most violent headshakes.


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