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Forest Miu Native Series Abalone Spoon


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Quick Specs:
32mm | 1.26″
3.5g | 1/8 oz
Single micro-barbed hook | Split ring for direct tying
Abalone top layer | Iridescent
Made in Japan

The Miu series of spoons from Forest is one of the most iconic spoons from Japan. These spoons are very well crafted, with truly unique and vivid colors. The Miu Native Series Abalone adds an adornment of abalone shell to each spoon, creating a beautiful top layer. The abalone creates a unique iridescent shimmering pattern that reflects sunlight when it’s worked through the water.

These spoons are known for their very predictable wide action at any retrieve speed. Speed up to bring the lure higher in the water column, slow down to get it deeper. Cast this out, let it sink to your desired depth, and begin your retrieve… it’s that simple. You can add a little extra action by working a few quick pauses into your retrieve, but subtlety is key with these lures.

Forest Miu Native Series Abalone Spoons are made in Japan and feature a single micro-barbed hook.


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