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Duo Tetra Works Toto 42S


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Quick Specs:
42mm | 1.63″
2.8g | 1/10 oz
Sinking | Horizontal Fall
#12 Treble Hooks
Saltwater Safe
Made in Japan

The Toto 42S is considered the most user-friendly model from Duo’s Tetra Works line of saltwater lures. A tight body roll action and the heavy for its size weight of this lure make it ideal for fishing currents in shallow and rocky areas. While being designed for saltwater fishing, the Toto 42S is equally at home fishing for trout and bass in creeks, streams, and rivers. You can fish this lure slowly, quickly, or with a jerking and twitching motion to draw aggressive strikes for various species. Meant for experts and beginners alike, the Duo Tetra Works Toto 42S is a lure you will want to have on hand when downsizing is vital.


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