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Creep AIM 51S


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Quick Specs:
51mm | 2″
4.6g | 1/6 oz
Sinking Trout Minnow | Hand Painted
#8 Single Barbless Hook | C’ultiva SBL-55M
Made in Japan

The new AIM 51S minnow from Creep comes in at 1/4″ longer and 15% heavier than the popular Creep AIM 46S, making it ideal for longer casting distances and targeting larger fish.

Designed for mountain stream and river fishing, the Creep AIM 51S has an erratic body wobble and a killer twitch. Run this lure upstream or diagonal against the current for that hard kicking action you need to grab their attention. If you’re getting followers that won’t commit, give your rod a few quick snaps of the wrist, and this lure darts side to side with a WTD motion inciting violent reaction bites.

Creep minnows are made in Japan, and each one is hand-painted by a master craftsman for perfect detailing and incredibly alluring color schemes. The AIM 51S Creep comes stock with #8 C’ultiva SBL-55M single barbless hooks and C’ultiva #1 split rings, making it perfect for catch and release fishing or fishing in areas where barbs are disallowed.


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