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Bassday Pellet Pellet F

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Quick Specs:
20mm | 0.8″
1.2g | 1/24oz
Area Trout Pellet | Floating
#8 Single Barbless Hook

The Bassday Pellet Pellet F is an Area (stocked) Trout lure designed to draw in topwater bites by emulating the profile of pellet feed used at trout hatcheries. These Japanese lures come equipped with a sharp size #8 single barbless hook and are best utilized with a monofilament or thin braided line. The Pellet Pellet F is best used by making a high cast that allows the lure to land with a “plopping” sound, the landing sound being key to triggering bites. Once deployed onto the water surface, the Pellet Pellet F should be drifted for best results.


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